8 reasons why the sea is the real protagonist of Phase 2

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Vacanze in barca

Well yes, our lives have been messed up by the Covid-19 and we have had to change our habits. We have got stuck in fears and restrictions, we have had to stop our plans and delete some of them but, mainly, we have had to renounce to live outdoors and enjoy our freedom.

Now we finally got to Phase 2, where we are asked to slowly restart our normal life, although with many restrictions. Nevertheless, the fear is a lot. What can we do? Where can we go? How to protect ourselves? How to enjoy spring days, but without risking the contagion?

For sea lovers, everything will be easier for eight reasons! Let’s find out them together!

  1. It is allowed to sail.

Well yes, the last governmental decisions allow citizens who have a boat to reach it and sail. Until now, there are some diversifications in the allowed activities at a regional level, but by and large, restrictions in this sense have been almost completely removed.

  1. To have a swim is safe.

Studies made on Covid-19 show that it is practically impossible to contract the virus in the water, since the infective dose of the virus disappears in the water. This is due first of all to water properties (mainly sea water), but secondly also to the action of the ultraviolet radiations radiated by the sun.

  1. You don’t renounce to your holidays.

Given the situation of crowd on the beaches, to sail would allow not to renounce to summer holidays. And after months locked home, who wants to spend also summer months suffering, without even allowing oneself a bit of relax? With a boat and a safe and dependable engine, it’s a done deal.

  1. The sea is healthy.

As we all know, the sea is healty. To live on a boat allows to naturally benefit from thalassotherapy, that is the healing action of the sea. It seems it helps the metabolism and the circulatory activity to improve. It is usually indicated for those suffering from respiratory, circulatory and skin diseases.

  1. Boat is a safe place.

Which better alternative to the protection your house offers? Sure, your boat can easily become a second house, that can reflect the personality of those living there and keep us away from the risks of contact with the virus. On a boat you can be alone, protected, but without being locked within four walls and showing off an enviable tan!

  1. You are independent.

With a holiday on boat, you can do whatever you want, without fear of risks and restrictions. You can change plans every day, see every day a different view and not to have necessarily follow an established program. It’s a bit like an on the road holiday, but carrying your house with you and with no need to meet anyone.

  1. You are freer.

Can you think about that? We will spend a summer without gathering, without approaching other people and, mainly, always wearing a face mask! This summer does not seem so tempting. Unless we spend it on boat! There you can spend time with your loved ones, without restrictions and without the uncomfortable face mask, driven around wherever you want by a really reliable outboard!

  1. It is cheaper.

Can you imagine the hike of flights, trains and hotel prices? The crisis is making its voice heard and we should all take remedial action. On boat there is no danger: You already have the means of transport, the entertainment and also a place where to sleep. I would say the saving is net! And if you don’t have the boat, well, you can easily rent it.

Well, have we convinced you? On board!

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