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Rimini: impossible to get bored.

A town  capable of amusing and fascinating everyone, from the youngest to the oldest.


When we think about it, our minds plunge into an image made of long stretches of beach umbrellas, summer holidays and fun. Rimini, however, is much more than this. We are in the core of the Riviera Romagnola, in a town really offering  a lot, not only in terms of nightlife but also from an historical and artistic point of view. Rimini is an extremely coveted destination, especially for young people, who find in its promenade clubs endless opportunities for recreation. During the summer, pubs, discos and restaurants are always crowded with tourists taking part in Rimini’s nightlife until late night.If you are on holiday in Rimini, after a nice day at the beach and an evening of fun, you cannot miss a visit to the old town. The wonderful Roman architectures, such as the Arch of Augustus, leading  to the main street, give the town a considerable artistic value. Piazza Tre Martiri and the Tiberius Bridge are also magnificent historical proves reminding us of the importance of Rimini as a Roman colony. If you are  true art lovers and want to plunge into the past and history of this amazing place, stop at the Rimini Museum and the “Domus del Chirurgo”, you will be fascinated. Rimini brings with it a pride of Italian cinematography: Federico Fellini. Indeed, the famous director was born in fact in the village of San Giuliano, where still today you can breathe the magical atmosphere Fellini reported in many of his films.



DO NOT MISS (in the area).

The theme park “Italia in Miniatura”

The village of Montebello

The village of San Leo



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