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Jesolo: the seaside pearl of the Venetian coast

Endless possibilities to relax and have fun


The fascinating and lively Jesolo is located on the thin strip of coast between the Venice lagoon and the mouth of the Piave in the Veneto region. Jesolo is one of the main tourist destinations in Italy: it is perfect because all the ingredients for an ideal holiday converge in it. The beach of Lido di Jesolo  is certainly one of the best in Italy, overlooking the Adriatic Sea, it expands for 15 kilometers of thin golden sand and  has a shallow water. But what makes this beach truly special? The beach clubs, all very well-finished and offering innovative services, entertainment and great food! In addition to a sea and seaside services always classified by the Blue Flag, there are endless possibilities both to relax and to have a lively holiday with walks, excursions, rides and places to discover. Nature lovers can indulge in long walks, horseback rides or cycling in the green, vast and peaceful pine forests. For those interested in visiting the town, Jesolo is divided into two parts: Jesolo Paese, in the heart of the Venetian countryside, and Jesolo Lido, which is actually the seaside. In addition to the many natural beauties, Jesolo also offers a lot from a cultural point of view.
In the area of the pine grove there are the Ancient Walls, a vast archaeological area of about 36,000 square meters with finds from the early Christian era. The two urban centers are also connected by panoramic cycle paths offering beautiful images of the area. However, the Lido remains the beating heart of the tourist Jesolo, and its center and meeting point is Piazza Matteotti.
The port of Jesolo is among the best equipped on the Adriatic coast and is located at a short distance from both Venice and the Dalmatian coast in Croatia. A romantic excursion to Venice is a must when staying in Jesolo. The most romantic city in the world is located just thirty minutes away from Jesolo and can be reached by motorboat. La Serenissima is in itself a true open-air museum and offers monuments, canals and streets where you can spend unforgettable days.









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