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Palermo: a city, endless stories.

From architecture to art, from craftsmanship to cuisine. All the charm of the Sicilian capital


When you are in Palermo, you don’t get the impression of visiting a single city, belonging to a single region and a single country. In fact, wandering around the streets of the historic center, there is an incredibly multiethnic feeling in the air. This is due to the multitude of peoples (Phoenicians, Greeks, Romans, Byzantines, Normans and many others) who have lived in the city and shaped its customs, architecture, cuisine, and even the language over the centuries. One of the most famous squares of the old town is Piazza Villena, more commonly known as “I Quattro Canti”. The peculiarity of this square is its octagonal shape, delimited by four 17th-century buildings outlining the intersection between two important streets of the city center: Via Vittorio Emanuele and Via Maqueda. Palermo Cathedral can be considered the emblem of the cultures mix differentiating the city: the structure has nuances ranging from the neoclassical to the baroque style, with details belonging to the Gothic and Norman period. So, a book would not be enough to tell the artistic beauties of this city. But Palermo is not only art and architecture. Travelling along the coast, you can bump into seaside resorts and beaches with a unique character. If you are in Palermo you cannot miss the opportunity of taking a dive into the crystal clear waters of Mondello, a real naturalistic paradise. Another pearl of the Palermo coast is Cefalù, a rich in tradition seaside village where the houses rest on the sea shore, creating a truly romantic atmosphere. In order to live an experience that will make you feel immersed in the tradition of Palermo we suggest you to take a walk in the most famous food markets of the city, such as “Capo” or “Ballarò“, out -and-out explosions of fragrances and colors.



DO NOT MISS (in the area)


Tonnara di Scopello




All the assistance you need

from Nautica Lo Cascio Antonio & Figli s.a.s.

Antonio Lo Cascio has been working in the nautical environment for over thirty years and his strengths have always been quality and professionalism. His repair shop, where his sons Giuseppe and Gianluca also work, is now a reference point for sea lovers. As well as proving sale and assistance for  Yanmar and Hidea engines, the Lo Cascio team offers several services, including installations and repowering, on-site interventions, and shipbuilding.


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