Why integrated battery is the solution to our problems in terms of outboards starters

batteria integrata

So, you have bought a nice boat and can’t wait for putting it in the water and speed a bit. You would like to go around a bit with your friends and enjoy the first sun, you would like to go fishing to relax and forget the pains of your daily work, you would like to give it to your son for that blessed afternoon on boat with his friends he is waiting for, you would like to leave it to your wife who wants to be able to peacefully read while she is sunbathing, you would like to use it during the summer holidays, when beaches are jam-packed and the only thing you want is to eat big slices of watermelon into the open sea, between a dive and another in the bluest water.

But there is a “but”. Being your first time, you really don’t know where to start from with your outboard engine. Well, don’t worry, here we are! As always, you need to start from the beginning: starting the outboard. This is the focus of this article, so that we can give some instructions to whom, like you, is a novice in the outboards field.

Don not give up!

Typologies of starters

First of all, we must say there are two kinds of starters:

– The first is the manual starting. It is the heaviest typology, since you need to work a lot with your arms in order to make the engine start. The outboards in this case are equipped with a small cord to strongly pull to complete the start.
– The alternative is the electric starting. In this case, you can simply turn the key or push a button and the engine will start. It is convenient since the work is all done by the starter.

It seems, therefore, natural to choose an outboard with electric starting, right? But, what happens? Well, it happens that these outboards need a complete system on board, made of battery, cables, switch, etc. that creates some trouble. First of all, you lose a lot of place on board: where are you gonna put all the stuff you wanna carry with you for your nice trip? And what about the food? And the fishing rods? And what about spare clothes? Therefore, a mess. Not to mention, then, the ongoing maintenance for the electric connection. You don’t feel like doing it anymore.

Integrated battery: the solution

There is a solution, yet, and it’s called outboard engine with integrated battery. Why is it different? It has practically all the advantages of an engine with electric starting, but also an integrated battery. This means you can say goodbye to electrical cables on board, external battery to install, ongoing maintenance and so on. What is needed is in the engine volume, under the hood: this way also small boats and tenders can give themselves the luxury of the electric starting. And you, yes exactly you, such as your wife, your son, your friends, will not have to make an effort to start your engine.

Then, gaze to the horizon and…let’s go!

For more technical information on outboard engines with integrated battery, click here.

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