The story of an Hidea

Barca con motore Hidea
Gommone con motore fuoribordo Hidea

It seems like yesterday, but it is already 10 years since when Hidea was born. It’s 2008, Beijing hosts the Olympic games, Spain wins the soccer World Cup, Obama is the first African American President of the USA, the VHS stops being produced after 33 years of life, the economic crisis explodes and Google Chrome is launched.
And what about us? Well, we are a bunch of boats enthusiasts and we meet every night after work at the same harbour pub to have a chat and relax. Nobody wants to go back home and to stay there makes us feel good.
Our nights seem all the same: we laugh, we make jokes, we talk of our problems and the dreams we have, of family and work. So, when dinner time comes, we all go home, tired but more relaxed after that hour spent with friends. Every night, except for one.


Actually, I haven’t a great memory,  but I remember that night very well. We are all sat there and we watch our favourite nerd going crazy while trying to assemble his new engine on the inflatable raft (it’s Friday and tomorrow this guy wants to get up early to go fishing), when after half an hour of failed attempts and no will of reading the instructions, he bursts out: “Ok, enough, next time I’ll build an engine myself!”.
Although this could have been a sentence ended there, I dunno what was in the air that Friday night,  but the thing is that our adventure started then.
Probably because we have always loved sea, probably because we used to spend our weekends fishing or going around on our boats looking for unknown and fascinating places, probably because after all we wanted to work for something we truly liked and not just to earn a salary… so, that night the idea to give birth to Hidea was born.

Barca con motore fuoribordo Hidea
Barca con motore Hidea
Gommone con motore Hidea

It hasn’t been easy and it isn’t easy even now. Our reality is young and little-known, but we are seafarers, we navigate with courage among the giants of engines and we keep our head above water. Maybe our outboard engines aren’t the most popular, but they are beautiful and built by people who believe in it and have fun.
Why? Because we are enthusiasts. We love the sea and feel close to all those who have made of it a lifestyle. We want our work to give people like us the chance to taste freedom and power and to enjoy every sec of relax. We believe it is great that our engines bring around for a day people like us, who maybe live on the other side of the world, but share our values and our idea of freedom.

This is our Hidea, that became reality!