EFI Engines

Powerful, ecological, cheap

Well, with these engines we outdid ourselves! We thought: but among all the engines we sell, shouldn’t we do a beautiful, ecological and cheap range? And here we have the EFI engines! They work thanks to electronic injection of fuel and a wonderful alternator: with these engines you are sure you can go fishing with peace of mind. Then, since we grew up outdoor, we care about the environment. In fact, our EFI engines are ecological and use very little fuel (so we also took money into consideration!). If then you wanna take a nap, no worries, they are really silent. The starting then… better not to tell: we had never seen before a prompt and powerful start like this!


4 Stroke Engines

Small, precise, not polluting

Do you wanna an engine to have fun? The you should go for a 4 stroke! Maximum power and precise rigging is what we thought about when we decided to produce them. The 4 stroke engines are a bit like us: small, but powerful… and we like this a lot! Then they are quiet, you don’t even realise you have them, you chat a bit without bother, listening to music, therefore, you do your stuff while the boat goes. You waste little fuel and pollute even less. Hence, you can’t complain at all!


2 Stroke Engines

Light, easy to handle, reliable

Yeah, we make sure not to miss anything. We even have the 2 stroke! Why? Bah, because they are too convenient! They are light, easy to handle, the maintenance is a joke… these really can go also for people who see the water for the first time in their life! We entrust our children to the 2 stroke, since they are safe and reliable and the guys have a lot of fun. Do you wanna a fast, agile and safe engine? Ok, you really need a 2 stroke.