The authentic Apulia.

Otranto: where the beaches alternate with unpolluted nature.


Otranto is a charming seaside town located in a truly unique area, the Salento.
A mix of traditions and natural beauties  giving  rise to a special place that makes Otranto one of the unmissable places if you are looking for a dreamlike trip to Italy.
The center is enchanting, with charming corners  and historical monuments of great value: the white houses, one on top of the other, overlook a maze of characteristic small streets, craft shops and historical activities.
Otranto has a thousand-year history behind it:  it became a strategic area, as it is positioned on the Lecce-Taranto axis, and is an important economic junction.
Otranto is surrounded by walls that used to keep it it safe from invaders and that nowadays make it one of the most unique towns in Southern Italy. Counterbalancing the walls there is the Aragonese Castle, located right at the entrance of the town.
If you are in the center, take a moment to visit the Cathedral of Otranto, built in 1088, famous for its simple style well fitting with the rest of the city’s architecture.
A few kilometers away from the village, there is the Baia dei Turchi, which belongs to the Oasis of Alimini Lakes and  is characterized by thin white sand and sky blue waters, surrounded by a dense pine forest from which you can admire a landscape of rare beauty. If you want an indescribable view, you should go to Capo d’Otranto also called Punta Palascia. Here  nature, the silence only broken by the waves sound, the evocative lighthouse overlooking the sea, the intense scent and the vegetation colors turn this coast, the easternmost point of Italy, into a heavenly corner.


DO NOT MISS (in the area)

Alimini Lakes

Port of Badisco

Santa Cesarea Terme




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